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Strategic locations, tremendous infrastructures, tax-free economies have made UAE one of the most favorite destinations for setting up the companies.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to embracing the benefits of a free market in UAE, look no forward than us for assistance. Heucan consultancy helps you to discover the exact locations for you setting up your business and then assisting you with all the official support and resources to make your company a, profitable and growth-oriented company.

Get in touch with us today for business consulting and give us a chance to help you find your feet.

How we work

Firstly we do Practicability Studies aiming at the existing strengths and weaknesses of the business and then our team will study the growing threats, resource to be required etc.

Then, Business Plan will be made focusing on your goals and how to achieve them.

Then, we help you with the Liquidation Services and assistance from the respective legal authorities.

Then, we also help in the Arrangement of Corporate Finance or loans if needed.

Furthermore, Business Valuation, Registration of Trademark & Intellectual Property, Search & Placement etc. will also be managed by us.

Benefits for setting up the business in UAE

 Residence permit

 Low taxation

 No trade barriers

 Excellent infrastructure

 Availability of free trade zones

 advanced resources

 Modest labor cost and much more.